Critical text users

The overarching message from these silly-looking but so-wise sock puppets … as readers and viewers we must step back and consider what choices are made by the author, company or corporation and reflect on why they might have made these choices. The Media Show sock puppet presenters do this by demonstrating how companies such as BP can brand themselves as being environmentally sound simply by making content choices surrounding colour, visuals, image (happy babies) and sound (uplifting, forward motion tune) that persuade the viewer/listener towards a biased, favourable image. The sock puppet presenters go on to satirically re-brand their media show to look more sustainable (all-natural, preservative-free and dolphin-friendly!). This video is an invaluable means of teaching kids that the authors of media content on the internet have a bias to persuade viewers one way or another. The sock puppet presenters demonstrate the role of the individual to analyse the choices made and be critical, savvy consumers of information for example by consulting reliable and unbiased sources for more information.


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