Happily Blogging

Flat Rosie’s adventures is a fantastic blog idea about a flat doll mascot named Rosie that goes “off to see the world” and blogs about her adventures from various places around the world. Of course the classroom teacher Mrs Thomas is actually the one doing the blogging. Flat Rosie visits classrooms in South Africa, Lebanon, Denmark and Canada! This is a fantastic tool for a teacher to explore a global perspective with students in an early primary classroom. Students learn about different countries around the world including how people live, the languages they speak, flags and emblems. It also links perfectly to concepts of identity and belonging in the HSIE unit as students learn that there are similar students in uniforms in other schools around the world just like them! This blog, which was nominated for the Edublog 2012 awards includes various modes including text, photos, videos and audio links. I simply love this idea of using a blog about a flat doll mascot as an engaging and fun tool that any primary school teacher could replicate in their classroom- I might give this a go one day! See Flat Rosie’s adventures at http://flatrosie.edublogs.org/

5/6C @ The Junction is a really great class blog with several noteworthy features. The site has a lovely section called the 100 word gem where student work is showcased, a blogger of the week page that celebrates the blogging achievements of the students with a link to their individual blog and a section for student book reviews. The homepage of the blog contains textual, photographic and video posts. For example, the junction news broadcast is a recorded news segment performed by two students and frequently posted on the blog where students reflect on activities of the class and school. Other posts include reflections on classwork completed and evidence of tools used (eg snapshots of google maps where the class located places in a novel they studied) as well as information and photographs about excursions, charity days and other things. This is a supreme example of a class blog that a teacher might show his/her students to give them an idea of the kind of class blog they might create. It is also a great resource for teachers and students to share the kinds of things they get up to at school with the parents and community! See year 5/6C’s blog at  http://tjps56c.edublogs.org/


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